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If you’ve got bats hanging around your home, it might just raise your blood pressure a little bit. But, if you’ve encountered one of these bad boys inside your house, you might have had a cardiac event! If you are looking for the best ways to get rid of bats, then look no further! The pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal are here to help you get bats out of your home.

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Getting rid of bats in Texas Gulf Coast is no small task

How to Get Rid of Bats?

Below we will discuss some of the tried and tested methods to get rid of a bat infestation. Read until the end to know the method or methods that suits your situation the best.

Install Bright Lights

Bats are nocturnal creatures and are irritated when the sun is up. If you install bright light in your attic, then the bats will not find a habitable place to live.

Installing a floodlight in the attic will irritate them enough that they may look for a darker place to live. Make sure to do the installation at night when they leave the house to go hunting. You do not want to enter their den during the day when they are present in order to avoid a bat bite.

Increase the Temperature

Bats love temperate, damp environments. But they cannot tolerate hot and dry places. So, one way to get rid of the bats is to subject their roosting areas to heat.

We aren’t saying to turn those places into a grill or oven. You can install small heaters in the attic or any area the bats use as their nest to bake out the moisture.

This method will not chase away the bats on the first day itself. You will have to allow time for this method to work. As the humidity of their roosting place drops, they will feel less comfortable and start scouting out new properties.


Bats can enter your house using a crack that is as small as half an inch. And if you are curious, no bats do not use the doors to fly into the house. They are sneaky!

If you want to use the exclusion method, you will have to observe every possible crack and opening serving as an inlet for the bats. To get rid of the bats, use mesh wires to seal the cracks. We know this is a rather laborious task, but hey, it is better than getting rabies!

You can also fit one-way doors on the entry gaps. These devices act as a one-way passage with a wide outlet to let the bats fly out but a small inlet so that they cannot come back again.

Build a Bat House

Just because you have managed to get the bats outside your house does not mean that they will not try to barge in again. They will be in the area for a long time, trying to sneak into your house.

In this type of situation with bats, it is best to offer the bats an alternative, get them a bat house!

Yes, you can get these bat houses online. They have a rather narrow opening on the bottom and are enclosed. If you hang a bat house high enough on a tree, the bats will feel comfortable shifting their den to that instead of your house.

Clean up the Mess

As we have mentioned, bats have a heightened sense of smell. To prevent further infestation, you should clean up the mess after getting rid of the bats to prevent them from coming again.

Take extra care when entering the infestation site and wear plastic gloves and any other protective gear that you think necessary. A roosting place for bats will have droppings. It is your job to clean up the house after the bats have left. Pick up the droppings from the floor and also scrape the walls very well to get rid of all the bat droppings so that they don’t scurry back in.

Keep in mind that bat guano can transmit histoplasmosis, which is a deadly lung infection. It is vital that bat guano cleanups are handled by qualified professionals. If you need a mess cleaned up, call us at AAAC Wildlife Removal

Seal the Cracks

No matter what method you use to chase away the bats, sealing the cracks and entrance points is a must after you get rid of bats. Make sure to check for broken pipes, hinges, and cracks on the walls. If you find any, repair them immediately. You can also continue to spray the play with peppermint or clove oil-infused water so that bats do not come back to your house.

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