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Pigeons are commonly found in Texas Gulf Coast cities, and they can be quite a pest. They poop on everything which is unsanitary and a health hazard. Pigeons also carry diseases and parasites that can be passed onto pets and humans. They are also loud and their nests can clog up gutters and block airflow in vents which can cause water and equipment damage. If pigeons are making your life miserable, it is time to contact AAAC Wildlife Removal TX Gulf Coast for pigeon removal service.

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Pigeons can be a nuisance and often they can also cause health hazards. Pigeons are dirty birds that carry diseases and leave droppings all over the place. They’re also noisy and aggressive, which makes them a pain to live with. If you need pigeon removal in the Texas Gulf Coast area, AAAC Wildlife Removal is here for you!

We offer humane solutions to get rid of pigeons without harming them or causing any further damage to your property. Our wildlife operators are trained with up-to-date techniques so we can handle any problem quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today!

Dangers and Problems Posed by Pigeons

Pigeons Carry Diseases

Pigeons, like other birds, carry diseases. They’re more ubiquitous than most people realize and can be found on any continent of the world except for Antarctica. Some of the diseases pigeons carry are Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, Ornithosis, and E. coli. Of these illnesses, Histoplasmosis is by far the most common in human populations.

They Leave Nasty Droppings

Pigeon droppings are a nuisance and they can also be dangerous. The droppings can be found on sidewalks, in parks, and everywhere pigeons gather in great numbers. Pigeon droppings contain a high level of uric acid which can damage surfaces by corroding concrete or stone statues, monuments, and building exteriors.

Pigeons Can Cause Structural Damage

Pigeons can cause a lot of problems when they roost or build nests in your attic. They’ll often just leave droppings all over the place. Mold may grow and spread throughout your house if these pigeons have been roosting in your attic for a while. This will not only damage your building but can be hazardous to those who live inside as well.

Diseases That Pigeons Can Spread

E. Coli

E. coli is a bacteria found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. It gets excreted in feces which pigeons can then get into their system if they eat a diet that is rich in these bacteria. Although it’s not always lethal, e coli does sometimes cause infection, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.


Salmonellosis or food poisoning is often caused by eating foods that are contaminated with salmonella. Pigeons, along with many other animals, can carry the bacteria in their system and spread it to anything they eat or drink after defecating on them. Symptoms of these illnesses resemble flu and if left untreated, they can be deadly. Some of these symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.


Psittacosis is a contagious infection that causes pneumonia, rash, fever, or chills. It can be passed through exposure to an infected bird’s droppings and spread among people who are in close contact with one another. Symptoms of psittacosis can develop as soon as 3 days after exposure or they may not show up until several weeks later. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, chest pain, and a dry cough.


Histoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by breathing in spores of the Histoplasma capsulatum fungus. Pigeons, bats, and other birds are some of the most common carriers of this fungus which thrives in soil that has been contaminated with bird droppings. Although it usually isn’t serious for healthy adults, histoplasmosis can prove to be fatal for those with compromised immune systems. Symptoms include fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, and weight loss.


Cryptococcus is a fungus that can cause serious damage to the brain and nervous system if it spreads. It only gets passed around by birds, especially pigeons, so exposure happens most often when breathing in contaminated droppings or ingesting the spores. This infection is diagnosed through cultures taken from infected tissues or cerebrospinal fluid. Symptoms include vomiting, fever, headache, mental confusion, seizures, and even death in some cases.

Pigeon Control Tips

Even though pigeons aren’t aggressive animals, they can prove to be a nuisance if their populations start to grow in your neighborhood. Pigeons are known carriers of over 65 pathogens which is why it’s important to keep them away from human habitation. Luckily, there are some easy steps that you can take to minimize your pigeons problems.

Keep your rooftop clean of all plant matter, bird seed debris, or anything else that these birds may eat. Don’t leave out any open water sources because this may attract pigeons to come to your property.

Close your windows and doors when you’re not home to keep these pigeons from entering your house.

Furthermore, you need to cover ledges by using bird spikes to prevent pigeons from building nests there. If you have any nesting colonies in your attic, the only long-lasting solution is to call a professional wildlife pest control company that can safely remove these pigeons and clean up their mess.

Pigeon Bird Control Services That We Offer

Prevention And Proofing Against Pigeons

Commercial, industrial, and home properties can be protected from pigeons with our extensive range of prevention services. We have a wide variety of measures that can keep these birds out as well as professional proofing techniques- such as bird spikes, netting, and wire, which will prevent them from becoming a problem.

In addition, modifying habitats and eliminating nesting materials help deter their return. If you are having problems with pigeons in your area, call the wildlife control services for help.

Protecting Solar Panel

If you have a solar panel system, then it’s important that you keep pigeons away. When droppings accumulate on panels they can start to deteriorate and costly repairs may be required to make them function again. We will use all of the pigeon-proofing techniques that we’ve honed over the years to keep your system free of droppings and working at optimum levels.

Protection of Rooftop AC Unit

Rooftop air conditioning units are another breeding ground for pigeons. It is likely to suffer water damage and leakage when they start nesting in these areas. If this happens to your rooftop AC unit, it’s best to hire a professional for pigeon removal as these birds will only keep returning.

Residential Pigeon Removal TX Gulf Coast

Pigeons can be a nuisance for homeowners when they choose to roost on your residence. These birds will choose to roost on any available structure, even air vents. They can leave droppings and create unsanitary conditions in your yard. If they are not removed, they can cause costly damages to your home.

When seeking home bird control, it’s best to hire an expert who has the tools, experience, and skills at their disposal.

Commercial Pigeon Control Solutions

Residential areas are not the only areas where we provide bird control solutions. Our commercial pigeon removal services are also extremely effective. Pigeons can be incredibly destructive to commercial roofs, especially if their droppings accumulate and leak into other areas of the building. We will use our advanced techniques to help control these birds without harming them.

From warehouses and storage yards to rooftops and ledges- we can help you with all of your pigeon control needs. If your establishments are having problems with pigeons, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal of TX Gulf Coast today.

Cleaning and Pressure Washing

After getting rid of the pigeons, a clean-up and sanitation protocol needs to be followed. Pigeon droppings are known to carry diseases and parasites that can contaminate the area where they reside. We will remediate this issue with industrial-grade equipment, keeping your premises safe for employees and customers. We also offer pressure washing services to remove contaminants from hard surfaces.

We will remove all of the pigeon droppings that may have accumulated on your property and clean it with high-pressure water hoses. You can then be at ease knowing that your building is free from any potential contaminants.

Why Choose Us As Your Gulf Coast Pest Control Services Provider

AAAC Wildlife Removal is a fully licensed, veteran-operated business. We offer competent bird control in the Gulf Coast of Texas, our team can help. Our technicians are quick and efficient in identifying the problem areas where the bird’s habitat is located.

With many years of experience and expertise, we know all the best ways of dealing with nuisance wildlife safely, quickly, and efficiently. We make use of advanced techniques that ensure complete safety for you and your family members.

As a wildlife control service based in TX Gulf Coast, we understand the dangers posed by pigeons and the significance of having an efficient and trustworthy pigeon removal service. Therefore, we provide humane and safe pigeon removal services in getting rid of these bird pests effectively.

We provide a wide range of services, our primary concern is always to provide results that our customer will be satisfied with. We provide rodent control, insect pest control services such as termite control, nuisance animal control, control of bird populations.

We take pride in being resourceful in all that we do. So, If you’re having a bird problem with pigeons, please don’t hesitate to call us at AAAC Wildlife Removal TX Gulf Coast for more information or to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Deterrent For Pigeons

The best way to deter pigeons from your property is to ensure that it is unattractive for the birds. This can be done by removing anything (including food) which may attract them in the first place. Also, try to make your home less appealing for nesting and roosting places.

How Can I Permanently Eliminate Pigeons And Other Pest Birds?

Pigeons and other pest birds like sparrows and starlings can be controlled for good. Typically, they are drawn to roofs, ledges, gutters, and other surfaces where they can land easily. These are good places for nesting because of this. But if you make them uncomfortable, they will usually go somewhere else.

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