Squirrel Removal in TX Gulf Coast

Absolutely nothing is worse for your insulation than a family of squirrels setting up shop Our AAAC Wildlife Removal specialists are here to help you remove your squirrel problem, tidy up the mess, and repair the damage. Act fast, due to the fact that damaged wires start fires!

Squirrel in the garden
Squirrels thrive all over Texas, especially in your attic!

Squirrel Removal TX Gulf Coast

Squirrels are a common problem in Texas Gulf Coast, not only on the ground but also up in your attic. They can cause a lot of damage to your home and create health hazards for you and your family. It is important to address the situation as soon as you notice signs of squirrels in your attic. If you have a problem with squirrels, contact the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast today!

We offer professional wildlife removal services for Texas Gulf Coast homes and businesses. We are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your Squirrel problem is solved in a timely manner. We understand that dealing with a nuisance animal is difficult and finding the best solution for you is our top priority.

Squirrel Removal Service Area

We provide wildlife removal services in the following areas:

Texas City, South Houston, Seabrook, Santa Fe, San Leon, Pearland, Pasadena, Manvel, League City, La Porte, La Marque, Jacinto City, Hitchcock, Highlands, Galveston, Galena Park, Friendswood, Dickinson, Deer Park, Cloverleaf, Channelview, Baytown, Bacliff, Alvin, Beaumont, Webster, and Clear Lake.

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels are one of the most annoying creatures to have inside your home. They are persistent when it comes to finding a place in your attic, especially if you have weak spots on the roof or walls that they can chew through and get inside of your living area.

Attics are like playgrounds for squirrels. They can jump from one rafter to another, find their way in through any ventilation system or other hole that they have chewed into your attic.

As soon as you notice these critters in the attic, do not wait for them to cause bigger problems. Call our professional wildlife removal experts immediately!

Dangers of Having Squirrels in your Attic

The number one concern for squirrels in attics is the fact that they love to chew. They will chew on anything! This includes insulation, wood, and even electrical wiring! This is quite dangerous because as we all know, frayed wires start fires. Especially when the critters are bringing dried branches and leaves into your attic.

Squirrels will also defecate and urinate anywhere which will cause a strong unpleasant smell that will permeate throughout your home. The urine will also seep into the wood causing it to rot, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

The animal waste also encourages bacterial and mold growth which can cause serious health risks to you and your family. Not to mention they will attract other animals and insects into your home.

Squirrel Control in the Gulf Coast of Texas

The best way to get rid of these critters from your home is to call a professional wildlife removal service (like us!). Our experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal understand that these critters can be a big problem and we will provide you with the best solution to resolve your squirrel issue.

We use humane and up-to-date techniques that will not harm the squirrel. Our process involves trapping and exclusion of the nuisance animal as well as making sure that they don’t come back.

Should I Get a Squirrel Exterminator?

Squirrels can be a huge nuisance to have around your home, even so, using poison is just a big no-no! Poison is best used for ant and termite colonies, not for wildlife. If you use it for squirrels, there is the real possibility of having dead squirrels inside your walls. This will cause an awful smell that will permeate your entire home.

Poisoned squirrels, before dying will also track the dangerous chemicals all over your home creating a dangerous situation for you and your family. Not to mention that poisoned squirrels will die in inaccessible places, like inside walls or under flooring which can be quite difficult to remove without proper equipment or training.

The best solution is professional Squirrel Removal by a company that knows how to get rid of the nuisance critters safely! We also provide an attic clean-up and restoration service after we have removed the animal so that you don’t experience any more surprises. This includes decontamination and cleaning as well as insulation replacement, and wall repairs if necessary.

Professional Wildlife Trappers

Each one of our expert trappers is fully licensed and certified to handle nuisance wildlife. Our technicians are well trained in all aspects of animal removal and have years of experience with removing wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, opossum, skunks, bats, snakes, etc.

Trapping is not something that homeowners can effectively do on their own, It involves a lot of work and knowledge about the behavior and activity patterns of different types of squirrels. We use state-of-the-art equipment for trapping and will make sure that the critters are removed safely and humanely.

Removing these pests from homes is usually is a three-part process:

  1. Set up traps to catch the squirrel
  2. Seal all entry points shut
  3. Repair wildlife damage inside and outside the home

Set up traps

We use either one-door or two-door traps and set them in areas where we see squirrel activity. We bait the trap with food that the critters find irresistible. The trap is then triggered using a trip plate which releases a door that will seal the animal inside the cage.

Sealing entry points shut

After trapping and removing all squirrels in your attic, we close up any openings larger than ½ inch across to prevent more wildlife from getting into your home.

Repairing Wildlife Damage

Finally, we perform a complete clean-up and decontamination of your attic to remove any trace of the nuisance animals. Then we install new insulation and re-install vents as needed before finishing with an overall restoration service for your attic.

Why Hire a Professional?

Though it may look easy to catch a squirrel, it’s actually a tedious and complicated process. You have to be knowledgeable of the squirrel’s behavior and habits. You also need to know how to use the traps properly and what bait is best.

In addition to this, squirrels are known to carry different diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. So the risks are not worth it. Hiring professionals means you’ll get the job done right without any risks of injury, disease, or damage to your home!

Our Squirrel Trapping Process

  • Determine if trapping is necessary or if an exclusion based method is appropriate.
  • We pick from a dozen or so traps depending on the size of the animal.
  • Place traps in areas where we know squirrels are active, like near an exit hole or their food source.
  • Bait traps with food the squirrels like.
  • Remove animal and make sure they don’t come back.

Trapping or Exclusion

When removing squirrels, traps may not always be necessary. In some cases, exclusion-based methods may be sufficient. Exclusion means that we use one-way doors that allow the squirrels to leave but prevent them from getting back inside after they’ve left the property.

Choosing the right trap

When we set out to catch squirrels, we make sure that the trap that we pick is just right. There are a number of traps that are available for squirrel removal and our team of experts will pick the one that is right for your job.

Place traps in key areas

Knowing where to place the traps is one of the most important parts of this process. We will pick areas where we think the critters are active and place our traps there.

Bait the trap

What food do you use to catch a squirrel? It matters! Different foods work better for different wildlife so it’s best if the professionals choose what kind of bait goes into the trap.

Remove animal and seal all the access points

After we catch the squirrels, removing them is usually pretty straightforward. We first ensure that they are out of your home or attic before sealing all other entry points shut. This will prevent other critters from getting inside as well.

Attic Clean Up and Decontamination

Squirrels will leave a terrible mess in your attic after living there for an extended period of time. There will be feces, hair, urine, and more that have to be dealt with. These will attract other pests such as cockroaches, rats, and mice which will spread illness and disease throughout your home. We will perform a thorough attic clean-up and decontamination to remove all traces of the pests.

Attic Restoration Services

After all of the squirrel issues are resolved, we offer a complete restoration service that will return your attic to its former glory. This service includes the installation of new insulation, re-installation of vents that were removed during squirrel removal, and repair of any damage done.

If you need help with squirrel damage and Attic Restoration, give AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast a call!

Wildlife Damage Repair

Squirrels will do major damage to your soffits, eaves, vents, and roofs when they are living inside your attic. They have sharp teeth that they use to widen openings and they will pull out insulation to make comfortable nests.

The damage outside can also be substantial, especially if the animals are living in your walls. Your neighbors will surely notice the unsightly chewed-up siding and shingles as well.

When these issues arise, it’s best to let a professional deal with the problem so that your home is restored back to its original condition. Our team are masters at carpentry and can make all of these repairs in a timely and effective manner.

Professional Wildlife Removal in TX Gulf Coast

The AAAC Wildlife Removal family of expert wildlife technicians provides quality, humane squirrel removal, and prevention services in the Texas Gulf Coast area. Our extensive experience with wildlife control allows us to customize a solution that will suit your individual requirements for any kind of infestation.

Our wildlife operators are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of wildlife problems. We use safe traps that will not injure the animal or cause them unnecessary suffering. Our team knows how to properly seal your home so no other animals can get inside after we remove the nuisance rodents.

If you have an issue with these pesky creatures on your property, do not put yourself in danger, get in touch with us at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Texas Gulf Coast and we’ll handle the critters for you.

AAAC Wildlife Removal is a family-operated pest control company that provides professional service at reasonable prices. We have incredible professionals that will cater to all your wildlife needs such as bat control, raccoon removal, bat exclusion services, bat guano removal, nuisance wildlife control, and more.

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